Following and continuing the direct transmissions of classical music tradition
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Research and cultivate the wealth of musical history with scientific precision.
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Exploring modern technology to give new answers to the challenges of our musical heritage
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Formation and Application

Artistic and scientific formation applied to explore a cultural sustainable use of current technologies

detailed Vita...
Taught among others by the Pianists Prof. Gerrit Zitterbart, Prof. Sebatian Benda (Pupil of Edwin Fischer, Arthgur Honeger and Frank Martin) and the Composer Martin Almstedt (Pupil of K.Lege, O.Messiaen, K.Stockhausen, G.Ligeti).
Doctoral Thesis in Musicology, graduated Studies and active research also in german Literature, comparative Literature and Biology at the F.U.Berlin.
The digital realisation of unknown, less known or well known often ambitious scores from more than 500 Years of european music history in one of the most comprehesnive privat musical online projects:

Digital Virtuosity

Virtuosity is more than the tempo or dexterity of a performance.

Here you can find some examples of projects which adress very different kinds of historic virtuosity with the aim of a most "virtuos" application of our currently available means of digital mmusic production.

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Johann Jakob Froberger: the complete Toccatas

One of the first German Virtuoso

As Student of the great G.Frescbaldi Froberger belong to the first who brought a impressive example of freedom for the subjectiv virtuos to the early german baroque music leaving deep traces up to the Toccatas of J.S.Bach. To understand this certain kind of virtuos sophistication, it is necessary to understand the limitations in which it is developed. This recordings uses therfore a sampled Johann Anton Miklis harpsichord from 1671.

Amount of Recordings: 25

Total project duration: 75 min

Project published: 2016

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Johann Gottfried Arnold: Celloconcertos

The brilliant heritage of a forgotten Cellovirtuoso of the classical era

J.G.Arnold made in his short life an astonishing career up to one of the highest esteemed Cellovirtuosos of his time. His five Concertos is nearly all wich is left of this very talented young Cellist. Only the first Concerto has ever been recorded befor klassik-resampled realised the first complete recording of all five Concertos. It is aswell music of an incredible Cello virtuoso to show not only all his extraordinary dexterity but his wealth of inspired musical Ideas, with an Orchestra which in his symphonic gesture often enough goes far beyond what we would expect from the pure accompagnement of brilliant Soloist. Since only the Parts for the Orchestral performance are left, all scores of the concertos are been reconstructed for this project based on the historic parts.

Compositions published:1804, 1805, 1806 and (4+5) posthum 1823

Complete duration: 102 min

Recordings published: 2014

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Compositions on Mozarts "La ci darem la mano"

The most brilliant answer of classical and romantic Virtuosi on Mozarts ingenius catchy duet

The Duet "La ci darem la mano" from Mozarts Don Giovanni KV527 belongs to one of the most cited themes in late classical and romantic music. Among the Composers who based compositions in any way of it are as well the most popular like Beethoven, F.Chopin who began his Career as Pianist with his op.2 based on La ci darem la mano or F.Liszt who rarely pushed the romantic pianovirtuosity so far as he did in his Don Giovanni Fantasy aswell as several highly regarded Virtuosos of their instrument like the Pianists F.Kalkbrenner, S. Thalberg, the Violinist Bartolomeo Campagnoli, the Harfenist Nicols Bochsa or the guitarist F.Calegari aswell as Composers with their own interesting individual musical approaches, like the very early the romantic music prefiguring Franz Danzi, or the romantic Master of Counterpoint A.A.Klengel. Nearly every single composition of this projects could be regarded as highly virtuos for the certain instrument it is written for.

Realised Compositions: 12

Total-Project Duration: 3 hours 30 min

Project completed Januar 2018

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Bernard van Dieren: Stringquartet Nr.2 op9 & Nr.3 op.15

First recording of two of the most brilliant large early modern Stringquartets

Being a tremendous virtuose Violinplayer, Bernard van Dieren wrote large Stringquartets not only with nearly constantly high instrumental demands, but even some passages, which as far the musical context shold be kept go in the demands of the playing tempo far beyond what even extraordinary virtous ensembles are able to realise. Meanwhile both stringquartets do have many merits of Music written by an inspired and expiereinced Vioinist, they have been obviously for their high demands completly neglected by the traditional stringquartets until the first recordings realised on klassik-resampled.

Composed: 1917, 1928

Duration: 29 min, 36 min

First recording: klassik-resampled 2016

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Jean Louis Nicode: "The Sea" & "Gloria!"

First Recording of two of the most ambitious romantic Symphonic Poems

Already his earlyier large Symphonic Ode "The Sea" presented even for the most important Orchstrass in Berlin and Vienna Challenges they were scarcly able to master without audible shortcommings. This is still mutch more the case for Nicodes Symphonic Poem Gloria! with its more than half a million notes, its incredible large Orchestra and nearly constantly very high artistic demands for nearly each single voice and a duration of more than two hours. Those two large Orchestral works still go notably beyond the limits of what even a modern orchestra is used to realise. On the first recording of this music ever was realised with every detail realised as it is demanded in the score ending up being with "Gloria!" nearly half an hour shorter than the very few documented historic performances have been.


Duration: 52 min, 123 min

First recording klassik-resampled 2013

Interpretation Experiments

The interpretation of classical music depends primariily on the detailed individual understanding of the musical syntax in a certain composition. Nevertheless this might react sensible aswell on the acoustic response of the instrument chosen, or the way how detailed an understanding of a composition follows the advises of its score.

These possible variations are examined by three kinds of Interpretation experiments.

Parallel-Interpretation -

This corresponds to the large amount of Keyboardmusic still used to play with modern grandpianos which is composed long before those mmodern grandpianos has developed its actual range of possible musical expression.

  • more than 800 mp3
  • more than 40 hours music
  • 18 composers from 300years
  • Example:

    Haydns 54 Pianosonatas in the sound of a Walther Pianoforte and in the sound of a modern Steinwqy D

to the example:

Plausible Instrumentation

In very different musical eras Details we know about a composition might suggest another instrumentation than the currently dominating.

  • more than 90 mp3
  • more than 3 hours music
  • more than 5 composers from over 600 Years
  • Example:

    When G.F.Handels wrote in Rome his ambitious "Dixit Dominus" HWV232 this clerical music could only be meant for boys & male voices, meanwhile the demands surpass notably what boyschoirs are usually ready to. Klassik-resampled presents the complete Music exclusivly with Male and boyschoirs.

to the example:

Precise Score-reading

Some intepretation habits of the standardrepertoire deserve a comparison with the advises of the score which reveals sometimes noable differences to the majority of their interpretations.

  • 16 mp3
  • nearly 3 hours music
  • 2 composer
  • Example:

    Even with a romantic very flexible understanding of the tempoadvises in F. Chopins Pianoconcertos, interpretation based on precise Score-reading differ notably from the most current interpretations.

to the example:

Applied Musicology

Partly in cooperation with musicological collegues klassik-resampled makes in several projects never heard before music of manuscripts audible.

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Leuven-Chansonnier Renaissance music

Based on transcriptions provided by Dr. C. Goldberg and the german Goldberg Foundation and klassik-resampled presents first realisations of the 12 anonymous unicats, realised each in 5-7 different instrumentations inspired by contemporary musician paintings.

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G.A.Benda: Cantatas Early classical music

In Collaboration with Dr. W.Ensslin (Bach Archiv Leipzig) 12 Cantatas were transkribed from recently discovered manuscripts and currently three of them realised for the Project klassik-resampled

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F.Draeseke: orchestral Manuskripts Romantic music

Several orchestral Manuscripts were realised in parts based on transcription provided by Members of the International Draeseke-Society

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A.Berg: Fragments and exercises Expressionism

In context of a comprehensive Presentation of Alban Bergs complete non scenic works a considerable amount of early works, studies, sketches and fragments, of Alban Berg are realised based on own transcriptions and recontructions of Manuscripts of the Austrian National Library Vienna.

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Nico Richter (1915-1945): Concertos surpressed expressionist music

Based on privat copies of Manuscripts provided by descendants of Nico Richter first realisations of his two concertos are realised.

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R.Kahn: Chamber- & Pianomusic surpressed late romantic

In collaboration with the descendants one of the major projects is the chamber, choir and pianomusic of this pupil of Johannes Brahms. The Quintet was reperformed 2015 for the first time by the descendants of the composer at the Hohenstaufen Chambermusic Festival.


The Project:

Presents nearly 3400 mp3 with nearly 160 hours music composed by 140 composers of the last 600 years produced with the most advanced available software and samplelibraries.

2265 mp3 with Keyboardmusic (100 hours)

more than 1200 in the sound of modern grand pianos
1000 in the sound of period keyboards from 500 years

233 mp3 orchestral music (22 hours)

over 120 mp3 (over 12 hours) with Concertos,
73 mp3 symphonic music (8 hours) and
works for voices and orchestra

186 mp3 Chambermusic (over 12 hours)

79 mp3 Stringquartet music (nearly 4 hours)

more than 360 mp3 Vocalmusic(10 hours)

nearly 140 songs(4 hours)
over 170 Vocal ensembles (3 hours)
53 mp3 voice & Orchestra (over 2 hours)

1556 mp3 World-First-Recordings (57 hours)

World-First-Recordings from over 30 Composer from 600 years

2500 mp3 belong to complete recordings

smaller and larger complete Workgroups over of 19 composer

klassik-resampled recordings are also used to promote Products of:

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